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Chen, Haiqiang





Research Fields:Econometrics

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Research interests
Financial Econometrics, Time series Econometrics, Financial Economics

Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University, 2011;
M.Phil. in Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 2005;
B.A. in Economics & B.Sc. in Mathematics, Peking University, China, 2003

Time series analysis, Econometrics, Financial Economics, Derivative Analysis

1. Recent Macroeconomic Stability in China (with Q. He), China Economic Review, forthcoming, SSCI. (Corresponding Author)
2. Robust Estimation and Inference for Threshold Models with Integrated Regressors, Econometric Theory, forthcoming, SSCI.
3. Estimation and Inference for Varying-coefficient Models with Nonstationary Regressors using Penalized Splines (with Ying Fang and Yingxing Li), Econometric Theory, forthcoming, SSCI.
4. Does the Introduction of Stock Index Futures Reduce Chinese Stock Market Volatility? A Panel Data Evaluation Approach (with Q. Han, Y.X. Li and K. Wu), Journal of Futures Markets (SSCI), forthcoming.
5. How Smooth is Price Discovery, Evidence from Cross-listed Stock Trading (with M.S. Choi and Y. Hong), 2013, Journal of International Money and Finance (32) 668-699.
6. 现金流波动、盈利稳定性与公司价值:基于沪深上市公司的实证研究,(with韩乾,吴锴)。《金融研究》,2012 第九期。
7. Does Information Vault Niagara Falls? Cross-listed Trading in New York and Toronto, (with M.S. Choi), 2012,Journal of Empirical Finance 19, 175-199.
8.  “The Theory and Applications of TAR Model with two Threshold Variables” (with J. Bai and T.L. Chong), 2012,Econometric Reviews, 31, 142–170.
9. “Are Chinese Stock Market Cycles Duration Independent?” (with Z. Li and T.L. Chong), Financial Review,46 (1) 2011, pp 151-164.
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12.  “Generic Consistency of the Break-Point Estimator under Specification Errors in a Multipl