Working Hours and Top Management Appointments: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data

主讲人: Takao Kato,Colgate University

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主持人: Cheryl Long

 Abstract: Merging Danish register-based linked employer-employee data with data from the Danish Labor Force Survey over 1994-2010, we provide new and robust evidence on the importance of working hours for subsequent career success (measured by top management appointments). Specifically we find robust evidence for a positive relationship between work hours and the probability of receiving a top management appointment. Furthermore Danish registry data include the population of all Danish workers, and this universal coverage allows us to identify every individual workers coworkers with unusual precision, and provide evidence suggesting that by working longer than his/her coworkers in the same workplace, the worker will be able to raise the odds of winning a top management appointment, which is congruous to tournament theory (relative performance incentive). Finally it is found to be not only the quantity of working hours but also the nature of working hours that matters for the odds of top management appointments; (i) working in evenings and weekends as compared to working during weekday daytime are more beneficial for top management appointments; (ii) the persistence of long working hours helps raise the odds of top management appointments; (iii) the beneficial effect of long working hours for top management appointments tends to be long-lasting; and (iv) those who report working longer than they desire have higher odds of top management appointments which appear to be consistent with inefficient equilibrium suggested by rat race theory.

时间: 2017-06-23(Friday)16:40-18:00
地点: N301, Econ Building
主办单位: SOE&WISE
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